Please get acquainted with the information before purchasing products in methylone online store. 

M1 SELLER does not sell any products which are illegal and/or scheduled in the USA and EU.

On our website there are some pages which include information about the research chemicals which are prohibited in the USA. This information is only necessary for better website ranking in search engines. Such kind of information is not used for selling these products. Any prohibited products available on our website are not available for sale. 

All of our consumers have to be aware with risks which can be a result of the consumption or/and distribution of research chemicals. Methylone is not provided on our website for personal use. We strongly recommend not to use it as food additive or other inappropriate way. Methylone should be purchased only by qualified professional researchers and scientists. 

Consumers who visit our website and/or buy M1 in our online store are knowledgeable with the following rules and agree with them:

  • All of our consumers have to be at least 18 years old to purchase products in our online store.
  • M1 SELLER does not support in any way the usage of research chemicals in illegal way.
  • M1 SELLER is not responsible for any damages and consumers agree to deprive M1 SELLER from all claims and liabilities when they purchase and possess from our online store.
  • M1 SELLER has no goal to promote using of illegal research chemicals.
  • Our company strongly recommends being aware with legal status of methylone in your country and various government resolutions concerning methylone usage before purchasing. 
  • M1 SELLER is not responsible for actions of clients who violate laws of the country of their residence.
  • All research chemicals which are available in M1 SELLER online store have to be used only in research purposes. 
  • Purchasing research chemicals from M1 SELLER online store customers have to be aware with all health hazards which exist concerning purchased products.
  • Purchasing research chemicals from M1 SELLER our consumers agree that they are  either research institutions, chemistry students or other facilities who are allowed to conduct researches and experiments.
  • There are no any returns of purchased products. 
  • M1 SELLER is obliged to ship your orders overnight or within 5 business days after receiving the payment. 
  • The time of delivery depends on shipping company.
  • You have to pay for your order in full and only after that your order will be shipped. Our consumers have to pay for all fees and taxes which are followed the order.