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Dibutylone is a synthetic reseach chemical. It is one of the newest designer drugs which were presented not so long ago. The company which introduced this substance is called RC Chemical Company Ltd.

The other names of dibutylone are bk-DMBDB, booty and beauty. The substance has a such kind of smell which can be compared with fluoridated amphetamines.

In most cases dibutylone is sold in the form of crystalline powder. It consists of hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen. It is possible to use this designer drug mixing with some drink or it is also could be packed in special capsules. Lots of users admit that in both cases they achieved the desirable effects. Any harm for human health wasn’t noticed during experiments. It was stated that because of its purity, dibutylon hasn’t got side effects if you use it in appropriate doses.

Dibutylone is a psychedelic drug. This fact allows providing stimulation effect for users. Dibutylone allows to feel the sense of relax, calmness, your mind will be clear from various thoughts.

Lots of consumers admitted that dibutylone is really amazing substance which combines a great number of benefits to offer for every user.

One of the main advantages of dibutylone is that it is legal in lots of countries around the world.

Dibutylone which we supply is manufactured in the technologically-advanced special modern laboratories with the help of the newest technologies. Our company offers dibutylone which is 100% official and produced by the professional pharmacists and chemists. All of these factors allow us to provide totally pure product which will definitely satisfy all your requirements and wishes.

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